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For the love of nothing...

Today I am dirty, but tomorrow I'll be just dirt.

Doomsday Device
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I am the Noise Gestapo...some people call me Rad or Conrad. I am degenerate skinhead scum. I'm currently working on making a slasher film. I am in a shit ton of bands both experimental & traditional. I am the co-founder of Head Cheese Productions(formerly Jane Doe Productions). For any of our merchandise you can contact me at my listed email address. I have a band called Tenticular Genocide, we make harsh noise. I work with another noise act called Hypnox and yet another called Monoamine Oxidase. I am the creator/moderation mojo master of thementors & realitydeath lj communities. Nobody fucking likes me & I can't say that I blame them. I'm so sick of you & I bet you're sick of me. My life is shit, but I live it up anyways, and drink a lot. FUCK YOU!
4skins, adult swim, analcunt, antiseen, antisocial personality disorder, aqua teen hunger force, beer, bianca butthole, bitches, blood, booze, brass knuckles, brawls, breaking shit, brujeria, brutal truth, bum fights, car crashes, cartoons, chainsaws, charlie manson, chemicals, colombian necktie, crack, crack whores, cunts, darby crash, dave brockie, dave chapelle, dead alive, dead babies, death, dillinger escape plan, dino sex, downers, dr. heathen scum, drinking, el duce, elvis worship, faces of death, fighting, freaking out in public, fucking up, futurama, george carlin, george is dead, gg allin, gizzard smoke, gohowa, grindcore, grolsch, guinness, guts, gwar, harp, hatred, henry rollins, heroin, hookers, horror, hp lovecraft, hypnox, ian stuart, independant film making, irish pride, jane doe productions, jello biafra, john zorn, johnny the homicidal maniac, kids in the hall, kill allen wrench, little kids, lowenbrau, lsd, ludes, lydia lunch, masturbation, meat balls, methods of destruction, millions of dead cops, mixed martial arts events, monoamine oxidase, music, my knife, nastiness, nekromantik, newcastle, nick cave, noise, penetration, pills, pissing people off, pot, public nudity, pussy, real punk, reality death video, richard kern, richard pryor, rock n' roll terrorism, sailor jerry's rum, schramm, scumfuck tradition, sealab 2021, serial killers, sexual harrassment, shane macgowan, sharon needles, sharp knives, sickie wifebeater, skeleton crew, skinheads, skrewdriver, slamdancing, smack, smoking, snuff, spoken word, squee, st. pauli's girl, starting shit, stomping hippies, stomping straightedgers, stomping vegans, stomping you, stormtroopers of death, stout, tattoos, tenticular genocide, tesco vee, texas chainsaw massacre, the clash, the dead boys, the exploited, the family guy, the germs, the meatmen, the mentors, the murder junkies, the plasmatics, the ramones, the squelch militia, troma films, true crime, unbridled hatred, uppers, voyeurism, wattie, wendy williams, writing